We TIME merchandise laboratory would change the comperny name to “Arts Inc.”


Statement of activities of Arts Inc.


Arttistic /  We keep creation in order to appeal to each sensibility

Response / We respond to your request with our best

Timely / We would perform speedy,politely

Spark / Our pieces would provide you inspire glittery

Business Purpose

  1. Pubric relations/Advertisements/Planning and design for each trademarks
  2. Product and design of trademarks and pictogram
  3. Product, plannig, and management of digital content of internet
  4. Receiving the commission and product of evacuation route maps/community medicine cooperation
  5. Planning,design and product of visual sign/signboards/posts 
  6. Treatment of Nail art, Planning and product of picture book and wall paintings
  7. Planning and product of hospital art/Pubric art
  8. Planning and coordinate, management of stage performance and events, workshops of artists
  9. Promotion of stage art with spread the experience of art creations
  10. All business incidental to all items